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    Ellen DeGeneres

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    Ellen DeGeneres


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    We hope you enjoy reading these Ellen DeGeneres books! If you'd like to read a specific Ellen DeGeneres book which we're missing on Read Print, do let us know.

    Quotes by Ellen DeGeneres

    • For me, it's that I contributed, ... That I'm on this planet doing some good and making people happy. That's to me the most important thing, that my hour of television is positive and upbeat and an antidote for all the negative stuff going on in life.
    • I don't understand the sizes anymore. There's a size zero, which I didn't even know that they had. It must stand for: 'Ohhh my God, you're thin.'
    • I gotta work out. I keep saying it all the time. I keep saying I gotta start working out. It's been about two months since I've worked out. And I just don't have the time. Which odd. Because I have the time to go out to dinner. And uh..and watch tv. And get a bone density test. And uh.. try to figure out what my phone number spells in words.
    • I was coming home from kindergarten--well they told me it was kindergarten. I found out later I had been working in a factory for ten years. It's good for a kid to know how to make gloves.
    • I was in yoga the other day. I was in full lotus position. My chakras were all aligned. My mind is cleared of all clatter and I'm looking out of my third eye and everything that I'm supposed to be doing. It's amazing what comes up, when you sit in that silence. 'Mama keeps whites bright like the sunlight, Mama's got the magic of Clorox 2.'
    If we're missing any Ellen DeGeneres books or quotes, do email us.

    Biography of Ellen DeGeneres

    Oh no! We're not finished writing the Ellen DeGeneres biography yet. If you love Ellen, Join us on Facebook and we'll keep you updated on DeGeneres's progress. If you have tid bits about Ellen DeGeneres's life that would be useful in writing the biography, email us!
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