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    Chapter 1

    On its appearance in 'Household Words,' this tale was obliged to
    conform to the conditions imposed by the requirements of a weekly
    publication, and likewise to confine itself within certain
    advertised limits, in order that faith might be kept with the
    public. Although these conditions were made as light as they well
    could be, the author found it impossible to develope the story in
    the manner originally intended, and, more especially, was
    compelled to hurry on events with an improbable rapidity towards
    the close. In some degree to remedy this obvious defect, various
    short passages have been inserted, and several new chapters
    added. With this brief explanation, the tale is commended to the
    kindness of the reader;

    'Beseking hym lowly, of mercy and pite, Of its rude making to
    have compassion.'
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    Chapter 1
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