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    Scene IX

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    Chapter 10
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    Enter two with the Admirals body.

    Now sirra, what shall we doe with the Admirall?

    Why let us burne him for a heretick.

    O no, his bodye will infect the fire, and the fire the aire, and
    so we shall be poysoned with him.

    What shall we doe then?

    Lets throw him into the river.

    Oh twill corrupt the water, and the water the fish, and the
    fish our selves when we eate them.

    Then throw him into the ditch.

    No, no, to decide all doubts, be rulde by me, lets hang him
    upon this tree.


    They hang him.

    Enter the Duke of Guise, and Queene Mother, and the
    Cardinall [of Loraine].

    Now Madame, how like you our lusty Admirall?

    Beleeve me Guise he becomes the place so well,
    That I could long ere this have wisht him there.
    But come lets walke aside, th'airs not very sweet.

    No by my faith Madam.
    Sirs, take him away and throw him in some ditch.

    Carry away the dead body.

    And now Madam as I understand,
    There anre a hundred Hugonets and more,
    Which in the woods doe horde their synagogue:
    And dayly meet about this time of day,
    thither will I to put them to the sword.

    Doe so sweet Guise, let us delay no time,
    For if these straglers gather head againe,
    And disperse themselves throughout the Realme of France,
    It will be hard for us to worke their deaths.

    I goe as whirl-winces rage before a storme.

    Exit Guise.

    My Lord of Loraine have you marks of late,
    How Charles our sonne begins for to lament
    For the late nights worke which my Lord of Guise
    Did make in Paris amongst the Hugonites?

    Madam, I have heard him solemnly vow,
    With the rebellious King of Navarre,
    For to revenge their deaths upon us all.

    I, but my Lord, let me alone for that,
    For Katherine must have her will in France:
    As I doe live, so surely shall he dye,
    And Henry then shall weare the diadem.
    And if he grudge or crosse his Mothers will,
    Ile disinherite him and all the rest:
    For Ile rule France, but they shall weare the crowne:
    And if they storme, I then may pull them downe.
    Come my Lord let's goe.

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