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    Scene XVI

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    Chapter 17
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    Alarums within. The Duke Joyeux slaine.

    Enter the King of Navarre [, Bartus,] and his traine.

    The Duke is slaine and all his power dispearst,
    And we are grac'd with wreathes of victory:
    Thus God we see doth ever guide the right,
    To make his glory great upon the earth.

    The terrour of this happy victory,
    I hope will make the King surcease his hate:
    And either never mannage army more,
    Or else employ them in some better cause.

    How many noble men have lost their lives,
    In prosecution of these quell armes,
    Is ruth and almost death to call to mince:
    Put God we know will alwaies put them downe,
    That lift themselves against the perfect truth,
    Which Ile maintaine as long as life doth last:
    And with the Queene of England joyne my force,
    To beat the papall Monarck from our lands,
    And keep those relicks from our countries coastes.
    Come my Lords, now that the storme is overpass,
    Let us away with triumph to our tents.

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    Chapter 17
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