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    Chapter 1
    LEONÍD FYÓDORITCH ZVEZDÍNTSEF. A retired Lieutenant of the Horse
    Guards. Owner of more than 60,000 acres of land in various provinces.
    A fresh-looking, bland, agreeable gentleman of 60. Believes in
    Spiritualism, and likes to astonish people with his wonderful stories.

    ANNA PÁVLOVNA ZVEZDÍNTSEVA. Wife of Leoníd. Stout; pretends to be
    young; quite taken up with the conventionalities of life; despises her
    husband, and blindly believes in her doctor. Very irritable.

    BETSY. Their daughter. A young woman of 20, fast, tries to be mannish,
    wears a pince-nez, flirts and giggles. Speaks very quickly and

    VASÍLY LEONÍDITCH ZVEZDÍNTSEF. Their son, aged 25; has studied law,
    but has no definite occupation. Member of the Cycling Club, Jockey
    Club, and of the Society for Promoting the Breeding of Hounds. Enjoys
    perfect health, and has imperturbable self-assurance. Speaks loud and
    abruptly. Is either perfectly serious--almost morose, or is noisily
    gay and laughs loud. Is nicknamed Vovo.

    ALEXÉY VLADÍMIROVITCH KROUGOSVÉTLOF. A professor and scientist of
    about 50, with quiet and pleasantly self-possessed manners, and quiet,
    deliberate, harmonious speech. Likes to talk. Is mildly disdainful of
    those who do not agree with him. Smokes much. Is lean and active.

    THE DOCTOR. About 40. Healthy, fat, red-faced, loud-voiced, and rough;
    with a self-satisfied smile constantly on his lips.

    MÁRYA KONSTANTÍNOVNA. A girl of 20, from the Conservatoire, teacher of
    music. Wears a fringe, and is super-fashionably dressed. Obsequious,
    and gets easily confused.

    PETRÍSTCHEF. About 28; has taken his degree in philology, and is
    looking out for a position. Member of the same clubs as Vasíly
    Leoníditch, and also of the Society for the Organisation of Calico
    Balls. [1] Is bald-headed, quick in movement and speech, and very

    THE BARONESS. A pompous lady of about 50, slow in her movements,
    speaks with monotonous intonation.

    THE PRINCESS. A society woman, a visitor.

    HER DAUGHTER. An affected young society woman, a visitor.

    THE COUNTESS. An ancient dame, with false hair and teeth. Moves with
    great difficulty.

    GROSSMAN. A dark, nervous, lively man of Jewish type. Speaks very

    THE FAT LADY: MÁRYA VASÍLYEVNA TOLBOÚHINA. A very distinguished, rich,
    and kindly woman, acquainted with all the notable people of the last
    and present generations. Very stout. Speaks hurriedly, trying to be
    heard above every one else. Smokes.

    BARON KLÍNGEN (nicknamed KOKO). A graduate of Petersburg University.
    Gentleman of the Bedchamber, Attaché to an Embassy. Is perfectly
    correct in his deportment, and therefore enjoys peace of mind and is
    quietly gay.


    SERGÉY IVÁNITCH SAHÁTOF. About 50, an ex-Assistant Minister of State.
    An elegant gentleman, of wide European culture, engaged in nothing and
    interested in everything. His carriage is dignified and at times even

    THEODORE IVÁNITCH. Personal attendant on Zvezdíntsef, aged about 60. A
    man of some education and fond of information. Uses his pince-nez and
    pocket-handkerchief too much, unfolding the latter very slowly. Takes
    an interest in politics. Is kindly and sensible.

    GREGORY. A footman, about 28, handsome, profligate, envious, and

    JACOB. Butler, about 40, a bustling, kindly man, to whom the interests
    of his family in the village are all-important.

    SIMON. The butler's assistant, about 20, a healthy, fresh, peasant
    lad, fair, beardless as yet; calm and smiling.

    THE COACHMAN. A man of about 35, a dandy. Has moustaches but no beard.
    Rude and decided.

    A DISCHARGED MAN-COOK. About 45, dishevelled, unshaved, bloated,
    yellow and trembling. Dressed in a ragged, light summer-overcoat and
    dirty trousers. Speaks hoarsely, ejecting the words abruptly.

    THE SERVANTS' COOK. A talkative, dissatisfied woman of 30.

    THE DOORKEEPER. A retired soldier.

    TÁNYA (TATYÁNA MÁRKOVNA). LADY's-maid, 19, energetic, strong, merry,
    with quickly-changing moods. At moments, when strongly excited, she
    shrieks with joy.

    FIRST PEASANT. About 60. Has served as village Elder. Imagines that he
    knows how to treat gentlefolk, and likes to hear himself talk.

    SECOND PEASANT. About 45, head of a family. A man of few words. Rough
    and truthful. The father of Simon.

    THIRD PEASANT. About 70. Wears shoes of plaited bast. Is nervous,
    restless, hurried, and tries to cover his confusion by much talking.

    FIRST FOOTMAN (in attendance on the Countess). An old man, with
    old-fashioned manners, and proud of his place.

    SECOND FOOTMAN. Of enormous size, strong, and rude.

    dark-blue long coat. Speaks firmly, emphatically, and clearly.

    The action takes place in Moscow, in Zvesdíntsef's house.
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    Chapter 1
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