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    Chapter 6
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    1. Economical balls at which the ladies are bound to appear in
    dresses made of cotton materials.

    2. The present value of the rouble is rather over fifty cents.

    3. The Gypsy choirs are very popular in Moscow.

    4. BETSY. Cease! You are becoming quite unbearable!.

    5. PETRÍSTCHEF. I have C said (ceased), B said, and D said.

    6. BARONESS. But tell me, please, is he paid for this?

    ANNA PÁVLOVNA. I really do not know.

    BARONESS. But he is a gentleman?

    ANNA PÁVLOVNA. Oh, yes!

    BARONESS. It is almost miraculous. Isn't it? How does he manage
    to find things?

    ANNA PÁVLOVNA. I really can't tell you. My husband will explain
    it to you.... Excuse me....

    7. Stunning!

    8. BARONESS. Capital! Does it not cause him any pain?

    LEONÍD FYÓDORITCH. Not the slightest.

    9. He uses a Centigrade thermometer.

    10. LEONÍD FYÓDORITCH. You bring good luck.

    11. FAT LADY. But he looks quite nice.

    12. To take a header.

    13. Do not disappoint us.

    14. BETSY. I have more than enough of your Koko.

    15. YOUNG PRINCESS. He is usually so very punctual....

    16. BETSY. Cease; mind the servants!

    17. And that won't suit me at all, at all! Not at all, at all!

    18. Employers have charge of the servants' passports, and in this way
    have a hold on them in case of misconduct.

    19. It is customary for peasants to marry just after Easter, but when
    spring has come and the field work begun, no marriages take place
    among them till autumn. (See also THE POWER OF DARKNESS
    footnote 2.)

    20. COUNTESS. Thank you (for your hospitality), a thousand thanks

    21. ANNA PÁVLOVNA. Thank you (for coming to see us), a thousand
    thanks. Till next Tuesday!

    Chapter 6
    Previous Chapter
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