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    Act 1, Scene II

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    SCENE II. The same. A public place.

    Enter CLOTEN and two Lords
    First Lord
    Sir, I would advise you to shift a shirt; the
    violence of action hath made you reek as a
    sacrifice: where air comes out, air comes in:
    there's none abroad so wholesome as that you vent.

    If my shirt were bloody, then to shift it. Have I hurt him?

    Second Lord
    [Aside] No, 'faith; not so much as his patience.

    First Lord
    Hurt him! his body's a passable carcass, if he be
    not hurt: it is a thoroughfare for steel, if it be not hurt.

    Second Lord
    [Aside] His steel was in debt; it went o' the
    backside the town.

    The villain would not stand me.

    Second Lord
    [Aside] No; but he fled forward still, toward your face.

    First Lord
    Stand you! You have land enough of your own: but
    he added to your having; gave you some ground.

    Second Lord
    [Aside] As many inches as you have oceans. Puppies!

    I would they had not come between us.

    Second Lord
    [Aside] So would I, till you had measured how long
    a fool you were upon the ground.

    And that she should love this fellow and refuse me!

    Second Lord
    [Aside] If it be a sin to make a true election, she
    is damned.

    First Lord
    Sir, as I told you always, her beauty and her brain
    go not together: she's a good sign, but I have seen
    small reflection of her wit.

    Second Lord
    [Aside] She shines not upon fools, lest the
    reflection should hurt her.

    Come, I'll to my chamber. Would there had been some
    hurt done!

    Second Lord
    [Aside] I wish not so; unless it had been the fall
    of an ass, which is no great hurt.

    You'll go with us?

    First Lord
    I'll attend your lordship.

    Nay, come, let's go together.

    Second Lord
    Well, my lord.

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