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    The Rolling Stones Discover America (Kindle Single)

    The Rolling Stones in 1969-Upclose and Personal
    by michaellydon on February 24, 2013

    My long report as an embedded reporter on the Rolling Stones 19769 tour of America that ended in the disaster at Altamont is now a Kindle single. It's held up well for four decades and is now available to a new generation of readers. If you love the music of the Rolling Stones, I think you'll love this book!

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers, The

    Photo Shop light room
    by devryrizqie on April 15, 2012

    for the book is very good

    How To Draw Manga

    One of My First 'How to Draw Manga' Book
    by zbrooke on May 1, 2011

    Like the title says, I first picked this book up when I first became interested in drawing manga. It was amazing to the inexperianced tween self. I drew from it constantly, and credited it as my bridge to what my style looks like now. But looking back at it, I wince at my previous praise for it. The style is very simplistic to the point of looking half-efforted. The proportions aren't very good, and the colouring is flat and uninteresting. It definitely gave me the boost into changing my style, but I would recommend skipping it.


    Amazing artist
    by tsl73 on April 6, 2011

    If you are unfamiliar with Goldsworthy, go Google him now! He's an artist and photographer and most of his art is only around for as long as it takes Nature to do away with it, so the photos are all that endures. He has a number of books published that feature his art, but this is my favorite of the ones I've seen. Goldsworthy allows you to see your environment in totally new, unpredictable ways that actually make you appreciate your surroundings more.

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