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    To Kill a Mockingbird

    A childs eyes
    by supertwirp on January 28, 2017

    I read this the first time in school as one of our listed readers, and fell in love..... It's written so well that I can "feel" what everyone is thinking and feeling, why they react the way they do - I get angry and hurt when things go wrong ... maybe it's because I know the book inside out by now ... or maybe it's just because it's written so well ... doesn't matter. I've learnt so much about life from this book! I read it every year and cry by myself for the misunderstood life's lost - I remind myself that you never kill a mocking bird (I know I know lol) to not judge before you have not walked in that persons shoes and always remember that we all have a little Boo in us. Truly amazing - life altering book this!!

    The Secret Adversary

    superb plot
    by malvika on September 26, 2016

    I just loved the book. It's a page Turner. Plot well woven, n u gotta wit almost till the end to know work the secret adversary is. Good read!

    To Kill a Mockingbird

    a favourite
    by malvika on September 24, 2016

    The way the relationship between the father and his kids is beautifully depicted. More so, cos it's being narrated by the li'l girl.


    my favorite book
    by cirkay on January 9, 2016

    this book is one of the most interesting horror(ish) stories, combining science and mystery. This book has the best ending I have ever read.

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