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    Attack on Titan 1

    review for Attack on Titan 1
    by 1229892 on September 17, 2015

    good book

    The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes) (v. 1, 2, 3)

    omg so goooooooood
    by usernam on September 4, 2012

    This comic is so unbelievably amazing.i love it with all my heart.bill watterson is totally my best author ever!i can never do anything to my collection except of course read them which i have already done in just a month over the summer after the christmas i got all started when i wanted a comic book that looked really interesting to me in the store so i begged my mom to get and she did and then when christmas cane i got a heavy presesnt and i was dying to know what it was. I thought it was a huge piece of metal but it wasnt so my parents told me to be careful with it because i was basically just slumpin it down everywhere tryin to feel what it was.i was the happiest girl alive when i had seen the ENTIRE collection!! I didnt know how many times i thanked my parents for it but i know it was a lot

    Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

    Through the Rat's hole
    by mathildeb on February 25, 2012

    "Neverwhere" is kind of an Alice in Wonderland for adults. Like in AiW, a lot of things don't make sense, purposely so. The main character, a twenty-five-something londoner, Richard Mayhew, gets sucked up into another world, London Below, after he helps a mysterious bleeding girl on the street, Door. Indeed he had become "invisible", lost his job, his wife didn't know him, he had lost his flat, and decided to go in search of Door to set things right - and got to London Below, where things are just plain crazy, frightening, dangerous, and sometimes, plain cool. It's a hard read, because of the nonsense, but it's a cool book.

    Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland
    by unicornweaslest on April 25, 2011

    1) A classic story. Told in old language. Be prepared to use your dictionary. 2) Alice is a curious kid and finds herself in Wonderland. Here she faces many problems. Hard to describe, I read it a while back.

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