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    Created on Tue , 11/18/2014
    Hey! I rather literally just joined and thought I would introduce myself. Call me Rhi, please. I am 12 years old (I hope you don't mind?),but I really love books. I also have a tendency to read very far above my reading level (7th). Hope I can bring some cool books to the table! I run a book-club, and have my own group (specializing in teen-tween books, naturally). I am hoping to make new friends here and entice some of my non-read print friends to get on here. Well...I guess that's all there is to say. I spend most of my time either writing or reading, or drawing, and...not much else. Oh, yeah: I talk a whole lot. Beware. Alright..Sense Ive ran out of things to say, I bid you farewell! Adios. P.S: Nice choice of books. I will make sure to read these. How old y'all? Just curious. Cheerios .
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    March 08, 2017
    Hi, I'm also new I'm Jess and I'm 13. Nice to meet you.
    March 08, 2017
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    March 08, 2017
    March 08, 2017
    March 08, 2017
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    July 06, 2018
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