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    Money vs. Career

    Created on Thu , 02/19/2015

    Every year, millions of eager young graduates step into their real world either in pursuance of their career in college or with the mindset that they can finally earn money for themselves. The latter often find themselves 20 years later to either be satisfied with their choice or not quite sure what their main goal in life still is. Very few people know what their specific purpose in life is in high school. Some might realize it in college but a lot of people who are already working have never really been able to identify their real identity or what they want to be.

    When we are still young, we have specific goals: either to be a doctor, pilot, teacher or preacher. As we grow older, priorities change. We slowly understand other options, reveal hidden talents, acknowledge other skills and determine which pays more. There are so many career paths that can suite us. One thing that hinders it, though: money.

    Lucky are those children who have parents that can send them to quality schools and pursue a degree related to their interest. How about those young children who have their interest at heart but have to consider a lot of factors before jumping into decisions or have to follow their parents’ choice against their will without complaints? There are also children who never had a definite choice in the first place but are willing to invest 4-5 years of their life into something that may bring them money after graduation. In the end, these children end up unemployed or wasted.

    One of the reasons why there is no decline in global unemployment rate is because of the people that have not yet decided which path to take after graduation. According to The Atlantic data review, capital countries like Beijing China, New Delhi India, United States, Jakarta Indonesia and Brazil have continued to top the chart in unemployment rate despite their economic development and their being tagged as the most populous countries in the world over the years.

    It is always an issue that tugs all of us: a satisfying job or a satisfying paycheck. Few had succeeded in pursuing both. These individuals are considered to be far more talented and persevered than others. To those that cannot balance both, they are forced to sacrifice one. Unfortunately, more and more young children now choose to be practical. Older people choose money as well, over that which is their true passion. That is why there is the existence of labor employment which employs everyone that can either endure 8 hrs in front of a machinery or can take a minimum of 100 calls per day except of course, if anyone dreams of being scraped to the skin or of pacifying irate customers every now and then.

    There are a few companies such as Axis Human Capital Group which employs a group of people with an aim to change the way people work and develop talents especially in Ghana, Africa. These kinds of recruitment agencies have already built a reputation of employing high-caliber candidates so there are lesser risks of frauds.

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    July 13, 2017
    Great article. I think many grads focus on the short term money before even considering the career, I'm guilty of that.nnGray @ PDG
    July 25, 2017
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    January 31, 2018
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    March 14, 2018
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    September 07, 2018
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