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    Building Confidence 101

    Created on Mon , 03/02/2015
    Each one of us has their own out-of-body experience when faced with an interview, a presentation or talking to the boss. Thoughts are slowly drifting away to some uncertain and foggy place where you can’t think straight no matter how many times you review what you are to say prior to the situation. It’s not only you who experience these kinds of things. It does not matter if you are from Guam, the mountains of Sierra Madre, Tokyo, Japan, Jakarta Indonesia, Hawaii or even if you are from South Pole. Even people from different cultures know the feeling.

    Some people have ways to ignore these nervous symptoms all of us may have experienced from time to time. In order to cope, we put ourselves inside a transparent shelter of confidence.

    But how do we build this shelter? The strength of your confidence may also determine the level of competency you are to exude in the nerve-racking situation.

    Positive Self Talk

    We should admit it to ourselves. We talk to ourselves sometimes. Some of us talk to themselves more frequently than others: May it be aloud or only in their heads. According to several studies, talking to oneself is not a sign of madness or delusion but can in fact help some people get done with their work, be motivated or think things through. Researchers even found out that it can turn negative feelings into optimism with positive reminders. It may be a little weird to stand in front of the mirror and say, “I can do it” but your heavy feeling can be lifted once you do it.

    Make this a habit as well. It doesn’t mean that you have to talk to yourself every now and then. That may seem too weird to other people. You can just cheer yourself in your mind.

    Carry Yourself Well

    A little acting won’t do any harm as long as every part of your body gets incorporated with each other. It will be a little awkward if you have indeed straightened your back but sway your hands in the same motion of your step. You have to feel confident to own confidence. Be conscious of your actions but don’t let go of comfort. If we strike a powerful pose, we feel powerful.

    Change your Perspective towards Other People

    Inferiority may kick in if you think too much that you are talking to your boss. People have the tendency to back out from a situation if they think that they are to face someone more superior than they are. Think about them as equal human being but always remain respectful. Rather than thinking that your boss is a terrifying lion ready to pounce, think of him as a gentle cub that needs to be informed about the important information you have.

    Turn your Frown Upside Down

    Many people say smiling is the most powerful weapon. It blocks complaints and bad vibes. Not only does it exude a nice impression from you but it can also lift your own feeling. Be genuine as much as you can. Many people say that smiling is contagious. Who knows, you might get a smile in return from your boss.

    Attend Self-Improvement Trainings

    Attending self improvement training is an option but it can do well to make you feel better especially for those who claim to be introverts. You can also read reviews or blogs online on how to improve and motivate yourself. Many self improvements companies such as Axis Human Capital group have an advocacy to help everyone build their own shelter of confidence around them.
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    April 13, 2015
    Confidence. I fully believe in faking it till you make it. While acting out in having confidence, you can own it later on. All it takes is a little practice and you’ll get a hang of it soon as your second skin.
    April 13, 2015
    The most common reason, I believe that people don’t have confidence in their work is that they fear their boss. Insecurity, that is. Or a strong competition may seem like a warning to them that they can lose their job any moment. It may be because of that.
    April 14, 2015
    I am an HR agent and have encountered a lot of people with different personalities. Mostly, people lack confidence when faced with something that they lack knowledge of.
    April 14, 2015
    Every one of us has our own confidence. We just need to find it and nurture it always. Being assertive helps let out our confidence.
    April 15, 2015
    Thank you for the articles that you are doing. Always informative. Always educational. No complaints with your training's and hope you continue to reach out more people.
    July 25, 2017
    Many people say smiling is the most powerful weapon. It blocks complaints and bad vibes. Not only does it exude a nice impression from you but it can also lift your own feeling MotivationnConfidence Capital Group Be genuine as much as you can. Many people say that smiling is contagious. Who knows, you might get a smile in return from your boss.
    February 08, 2018
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    March 05, 2018
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    March 14, 2018
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