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    4 Tricks to Prevent Your Skin from Prematurely Aging

    4 Tricks to Prevent Your Skin from Prematurely Aging

    4 Tricks to Prevent Your Skin from Prematurely Aging

    Do not let prematurely aging skin bother you anymore. Try these tips to prevent your skin from aging too fast too soon.

    What You Need To Know About Premature Aging of Your Skin

    There is a mesh of fibre made of elastin and collagen found underneath your skin. They are the proteins that keep your skin firm. When your skin is stretched these proteins are responsible for snapping back your skin to where it was.

    However, as we mature with age the network of protein tends to weaken. The skin basically fails to keep its structure. Apart from this, loosening of fat under the skin, genetic reasons and even the effects of gravity on the weakened skin will contribute to the premature aging of skin.

    Drink and Eat Right

    There is a direct connection between your diet and the condition of your skin. And what you eat and drink will be reflected on your skin without a doubt. Do remember that the skin needs to be nourished properly. If you are a drinker, make sure you stop at the first glass because those who drink regularly and heavily are used to skipping out on a healthy diet. Try to opt out for natural foods and beverages the likes of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can try fresh coconut water to keep the skin hydrated, it is one of the many coconut water benefits.

    Look to include many varieties of antioxidants in your diet. These include Vitamin E, C, A and B. they are quite important for a healthy skin. You can nourish yourself with all those nutrients when you consume around 5 to 7 dishes of vegetables and fruits. Start out with citrus, green leaves, tomatoes and even carrots.

    Stay Away From Caffeine

    You will have to keep away from caffeine if you are planning to keep your skin hydrated. One way of getting caffeine into your system is to smoke and drink an excessive amount of coffee. When your skin tends to become dry you will lose the hydrating fat layers underneath your skin thus resulting in a prematurely aged skin. Plus, smoking can result in wrinkles on your face. The reduced flow of blood and the damaging effects of the toxins in the cigarettes will result in crow’s feet and saggy skin, especially around the eyes and the eyelids.

    Make Sure You Stay Away From the Sun

    Try to stay away from the harmful effects of the sun. Did you know that most of the reported cases of skin damage are associated with sun? The ultraviolet rays including UVA and UVB tend to be absorbed by the skin and they will damage the mesh of protein meshwork that is found underneath your skin. They will cause wrinkles on your skin as well. The sun damage is also accountable for the spots that are caused due to age or what they call liver spots.

    And the amount of wrinkles that are developed on a person’s skin depend on the total amount of time spent under the sun. Invest in a proper skin moisturizer and a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 20.

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