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    The Bookworms

    The Bookworms

    The Bookworms

    I assume most of you are bookworms, however, I'm starting this group anyways. Reading is awesome, why not express it? Nothing wrong with being a "bookworm" if you ask me. We're the smart ones and suchlike! I'm an author also, waiting for the publishers to finish their work Reading is wicked awesome ♫♥♫

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    Created 6 years ago

    I am a teacher and have 46 years researching on simulations, games, immersion and teaching quantum physics. I believe in education through games wher... read more

    Created 8 years ago

    Who is/are the author/s you follow and why?

    Created 8 years ago

    1)What is next on your reading list??? On my Want To Read list, I'm choosing between "State of Wonder" by Ann Patchett and "When You Reach Me" by Reb... read more

    Created 8 years ago

    Well.. I love to read..and I just found this site. So I REALLY want to read something good. So would mean a lot if you people recommend me some good b... read more

    Created 8 years ago

    We should put some books in the list to be read. -Smart person and book lover legoman2007


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