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    september 2015

    september 2015

    books read in sept 2015

    • 1
      I'll Give You the Sun
      by Jandy Nelson
      Description: NICE! read again! 02/09/15
    • 2
      Love Letters to the Dead
      by Ava Dellaira
      Description: 03/09/15 i was kind of annoyed w the girl at the very beginning but it all turned out okay. Also, SKYLAR A.K.A SKY IS MY FAVOURITE NAME NOW BYE
    • 3
      Extraordinary Means
      by Robyn Schneider
      Description: 09/09/15 kids with Total Drug resistant TB (2 of them die)
    • 4
      Suicide Notes
      by Michael Thomas Ford
      Description: 14/09/15 really appealing main character Jeff who tried to off himself. me likey :)
    • 5
      The Sky Is Everywhere
      by Jandy Nelson
      Description: 17/09/15 sweeeeeeet a grief-stricken girl who leaves words all over town
    • 6
      You and Me and Him
      by Kris Dinnison
      Description: 19/09/15 a cheesy love triangle feat. an overweight girl, a gay boy and the new kid.

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