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    This is a great book!!!!! I read it for my English Language Arts Class. My teacher recommended it. Even though it is way below my reading level, I still liked it. I was at my Nana's nursing home when I read the part when Dillon's pants fell off, I laughed so hard everyone in the nursing home looked at me. I was really embarrassed. I recommend this book to everyone, even more to younger kids in middle school.
    on March 07, 2017
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      In this group, you can share your most recent read books, rate books, and recommend books!
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      in this group you can talk all about great, bad, and special books you have read. You can make new friends and much more! I don't care how old or what race you are...everyone is welcome!!!!
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      Books not necessarily for teens, but are awesome. These are books I have read myself or am reading. :]
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