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    Wonderfully Spectacular Book :)
    I read "Along for the ride" by Sarah Dessen first and I fell in love with her writing, characters, settings and words! My friend let me borrow this book and she litterally had to go over to my house and sneak it away after I read it because I loved this one just as much. The stories about a young girl named Macy who's had a rough past including watching her father's death, having to put up with her strict mother and dealing with her self centered boyfriend. While her boyfriend's away at "BRain Camp" Macy meets a catering buisness. Soon she starts working there and makes new friends and finds out what she truly wants. To know what she wants....well you'll have to read the book! I strongly STRONGLY recommend this book to anyone that loves reading :)
    on March 14, 2012
    Truly spectacular book!
    I started this book because my mother told me it had to do with the Roanoke Island mystery. I was deeply into that mystery so I read this book! This book is amazing and has you gasping, crying, laughing (at little parts) and guessing at every page! Though it's set up like a play I really enjoyed it because it told us more about the characters and their reactions so we could react better. What I really liked about this book was the suspense. It brought back to life old mysteries and new one's. It literally made me cry at parts because I was so...well shocked at parts! Just read it and I doubt you'll regret it ;)
    on March 14, 2012
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