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    101 Essays That Changed The Way I Think
    It's too simple to end it like this, too easy to surrender. I'm sorry but you do not make me sorry .. I would be sorry if you really were not able to do anything to get out of your situation. Unfortunately for you, however, the way out is there. Only you do not have the balls to take that road. 1) Study. Study like crazy. Throw yourself on the books .. feed your intelligence and your sensitivity (which is so great as to be noticed even through writing, or buy essay if you don’t like to write). Focus on the opportunities that life offers you ... anyone, even the most unfortunate man in the world has the opportunity to become someone. I could give you so many examples that I'd finish tomorrow night. You have the "fortune" of having suffered, anyone who has suffered has the gift of SENSIBILITY. One of the greatest gifts you can receive. Use your sensitivity, make it a tool to make a career. 2) Keep away from people. Keep away from it. You do not need their approval to live. The day you become someone you will get their hands free from envy. You will show everyone who you really are. WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO. And the day you can say that you have done it, you will think back to the time when you wanted to commit suicide, and tell people about your life, teaching that you should never give up because there is always a way, a solution. 3) See it as a challenge: if God, or circumstances (depending on what you believe) have given you such a life, there must be a reason. It could be a test, have you ever thought about it? It is said that the trials become increasingly difficult depending on the potential of those who face them. I believe you must be really special if fate has imposed such a challenge on you. 4) All the greatest men in history, all the geniuses who made science were none other than people who had the courage to care less about the opinion of others. They are people who have gone beyond simple conventionality, have been able to assert their thoughts in the face of a sea of conflicting thoughts. And they won, because they were right. You just need to know that you are right to be sure that one day you will win, believe me. 5) You are not alone. If I were really alone I would not have replied to you. The fact that I answered you means that I care about you, I do not want you to take your life away. Just as your parents do not want you to take your life away, because they love you. They will always be there. You can not do them like that after all the efforts they have done to help you. 6) Believe in yourself.
    on February 11, 2019
    is it OK?
    I have read this one & looking for a next book, is this one OK?
    on February 11, 2019
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