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    Number one romance novel
    ( Download link: ) Arch of Triumph You open a novel, you begin to read and understand that it was written by a true master of the word. With a head dips into the distant, but before the pain hitting her deep feelings and emotions, peace heroes of the narrative. Magnificent style, an accurate and vivid description of the nature of pre-war Paris. Events unfold at the turn of the 30’s – 40’s. All of this – about one of the best novels of EM Remarque Arch of Triumph. In the harsh pre-war period of the origin of the situation and rampant fascism in Germany, broken fate in the air threat. Ravic – German by nationality, a talented surgeon, not wishing to side with the Nazis, leaving the home illegally. Life in the status of an illegal immigrant in Paris – it is a struggle for survival. Under a false name it operates, and even makes reception of patients. Disorder, fear, like the ghost of the Arc de Triomphe dominates them. Fate brings with Joan, which Ravic help and support in a very difficult moment. They start love. After a chance meeting with Haake, Ravic overcomes the longing to take revenge on fascist for the damages previously suffering. And the finale. This sad, but wonderful book.
    on April 09, 2011
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      I love reading and you should to. I have a great list of book that we should read and whatever style of book your into, I'll read it to.
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      Book club
      I assume most of you are bookworms, however, I'm starting this group anyways. Reading is awesome, why not express it? Nothing wrong with being a "bookworm" if you ask me. We're the smart ones and such... more
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      Book club
      If you have time and still haven't read much, you are ready for a new great big novel. So let us make a collection of saddest novels. We read not to be sad, but to feel the luck and the happiness that... more
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