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    Happily ever after, Yeahh right after hell.
    Book One Bella: Finds Bella& Edward fast approaching their wedding day. They later leave for Isle Esme where Edward keeps his promise to Bella and makes passionate love to her. In the morning Edward is appalled to learn that he has bruised Bella& Decides not to touch her again until her transformation into a vampire,Of course he later caves and after a while Bella starts to have strange nightmares, Insatiable hunger& vomiting only when looking for medicine does she come across an unopened box of tampons& only the realizing that she is pregnant with a half-human half-vampire baby. Book Two Jacob: Learning that Bella&Edward have returned safely figuring that Bella is now a Vampire& The Treaty has been breached with the Cullens, Jacob goes to Sam to find out how they're going to lead the attack Where he is informed by Seth Clearwater that according to Carlisle Bella was very sick& No one not Even Charlie her father was allowed to see her. Jacob angered by Sam& The pack's calm charges over to the Cullen's house to investigate if Bella is indeed sick. He then finds out that Bella is pregnant with the Half-Human Half-Vampire baby& makes promise to Edward that as soon as Bella's heart stops beating he will kill him.Bella pregnancy continues at an alarming rate,The La Push Pack minus Jake,Seth& Leah Clearwater are angered by Bella's baby thinking it will be a threat to their families because it is unnatural plan to kill Bella,Jacob then forms his own pack that protects Bella& The Cullens throughout the the rest of her Pregnancy. During this time Bella& Jacob have a weird yearning to be near each other. When Edward starts to hear the fetus' thoughts He then has an Idea to try& save Bella & safely deliver the baby. But by doing this it will break the treaty so He ask Jacob, Serving as Ephraim Blacks heir to change Bella to save her life he agrees. Bella then goes into labor it is very bloody. Jacob then feeling like Bella is dead no longer feels the pull he did but the follows a new instinct downstairs to Rosalie& The new child Renesmee where he Imprints on her. Book Three Bella: this books finds Bella going through Renesmee's Bloody birth& the internal burning of becoming a Vampire, When she awakes everything is different. Edward& Bella then go on her first hunt where she catches a scent of some humans hiking but the shocks her new family by being able to resist. Bella looses control Later when learning that Jacob has imprinted on her newborn daughter. Bella& Edward are worried about Renesmee's speeding childhood Being able to talk& walk just three months after her birth. One day while Hunting Jacob& Renesmee are spotted by Irina. Irina then gets upset& flees from Bella.A couple of days later Alice then gets a vision of the voulturi guard coming for them she warns the cullens then they all set off to find witnesses to help with the voulturi,In the End Bella helps save her family& friends by using her Mental sheild which she can project against the voulturi. They learn Renesmee will stop growing in 7 years due to information from Nahuel another Human-Vampire hybrid& will have the appearance of a 17 year old. Happy that her family is safe& her child will be happy Bella finally Learns how to let Edward into her Mind thus brining them closer then they live happily ever after:)
    on April 06, 2011
    Review of Zel by Donna Jo Napoli
    4.0 out of 5
    Warning: Its brutal
    This book takes a whole new look on the classic story. Repunzel "Zel" is locked in a tower after meeting a prince by her obsessed "Mother" to keep them apart.
    on April 06, 2011
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