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    Faith Quotes

    Quotations about Faith

    • God, I don't have great faith, but I can be faithful. My belief in you may be seasonal, but my faithfulness will not. I will follow in the way of Christ. I will act as though my life and the lives of others matter. I will love. I have no greater gift to offer than my life. Take it. Weblog, December 26, 2002, by Real Live Preacher
    • We think having faith means being convinced God exists in the same way we are convinced a chair exists. People who cannot be completely convinced of God's existence think faith is impossible for them. Not so. People who doubt can have great faith because faith is something you do, not something you think. In fact, the greater your doubt the more heroic your faith. Weblog, December 26, 2002, by Real Live Preacher
    • And so faith is closing your eyes and following the breath of your soul down to the bottom of life, where existence and nonexistence have merged into irrelevance. All that matters is the little part you play in the vast drama. weblog, September 4, 2003, by Real Live Preacher
    • The universe seems wondrous to me, with or without God. It has powerful lines and uncompromising ways. Patience and time sit like sages on the planets, strong and impersonal. There is a stark beauty to all of this. weblog, September 4, 2003, by Real Live Preacher
    • I always admired atheists. I think it takes a lot of faith.
      Northern Exposure, Seoul Mates, 1991, by Andrew Schneider
    • He wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat.
      "Much Ado about Nothing", Act 1 scene 1, by William Shakespeare
    • Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.
    • If you can't have faith in what is held up to you for faith, you must find things to believe in yourself, for a life without faith in something is too narrow a space to live.
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