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    "America - a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in purpose."

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    Reality Quotes

    Quotations about Reality

    • Set up as an ideal the facing of reality as honestly and as cheerfully as possible.
    • Reality is something you rise above.
    • Everything you can imagine is real.
    • You bluffed me! I don't like it when people bluff me. It makes me question my perception of reality.
      Northern Exposure, Cicely, 1992, by Andrew Schneider
    • Reality is a crutch for people who can't cope with drugs.
    • Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.
      (and Lily Tomlin), by Jane Wagner
    • Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.
      Lily Tomlin in "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe", by Jane Wagner
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