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    "The number of books will grow continually, and one can predict that a time will come when it will be almost as difficult to learn anything from books as from the direct study of the whole universe. It will be almost as convenient to search for some bit of truth concealed in nature as it will be to find it hidden away in an immense multitude of bound volumes."

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    God Quotes

    Quotations about God

    • O ye of little faith, who believe that somehow the birth of Christ is dependent upon acknowledgment in a circular from OfficeMax!
      Newsweek, 01-02-06, by Anna Quindlen
    • Or what about the statue in California currently said to be crying bloody tears? Why worry about the alleged weeping of a plaster effigy when so many actual human beings have reason to cry?
      Newsweek, 01-02-06, by Anna Quindlen
    • We want God to come and save us. But he won't. God doesn't stop levees from failing, he doesn't stay the force of tsunamis, and he doesn't stop planes from smashing into buildings. Deus Ex Machina is overrated.
      Waiter Rant weblog, 09-09-05, by Waiter Rant
    • When someone is giving you their theology, their God words, you should listen hard and be very gentle. The time to deliver your God words is when you are asked.
      Real Live Preacher weblog, 03-25-05, by Real Live Preacher
    • Doubting God's existence is okay and perfectly acceptable within Christianity as long as the person doubting remains obedient and committed to the Christian path.
      Real Live Preacher weblog, 06-10-04, by Real Live Preacher
    • EVERY path may lead you to God, even the weird ones. Most of us are on a journey. We're looking for something, though we're not always sure what that is. The way is foggy much of the time. I suggest you slow down and follow some of the side roads that appear suddenly in the mist. Weblog, February 13, 2003, by Real Live Preacher
    • I'm searching through all that has ever been hoped, in praise of what can never be known. Weblog, February 13, 2004, by Real Live Preacher
    • How do you define God? Like this. A God I could understand, at least potentially, was infinitely more interesting and relevant than one that defied comprehension.
      "Calculating God", 2000, by Robert J. Sawyer
    • Live among men as if God beheld you; speak to God as if men were listening.
      Epistles, by Seneca
    • Pray as if everything depended upon God and work as if everything depended upon man.
    If we're missing any God quotations, do let us know.

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