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    "In the part of this universe that we know there is great injustice, and often the good suffer, and often the wicked prosper, and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying."

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    Passion Quotes

    Quotations about Passion

    • When the habitually even-tempered suddenly fly into a passion, that explosion is apt to be more impressive than the outburst of the most violent amongst us.
      Death of a Ghost, 1934, by Margery Allingham
    • Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself!
    • There was a disturbance in my heart, a voice that spoke there and said, I want, I want, I want! It happened every afternoon, and when I tried to suppress it it got even stronger.
      O Magazine, September 2003, by Saul Bellow
    • I had learnt to seek intensity -- more of life, a concentrated sense of life.
      O Magazine, September 2003, by Nina Berberova
    • He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason.
    • My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.
      The Lonely Life, 1962, by Bette Davis
    • Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.
    • Judgement, not passion should prevail.
    • Passion kept one fully in the present, so that time became a series of mutually exclusive 'nows.'
      O Magazine, September 2003, by Sue Halpern
    • The biggest thing [Frida] brought into my life was this peacefulness. I still get passionate about things, but my passion is not so scattered and it's not needy. It's a lot more powerful because it comes with this groundedness and peacefulness. That it's about the process, not about the results.
      Conversation with Salma Hayek, 2002, by Salma Hayek
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