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    Menander Quotes

    Greek comic dramatist

    Quotes by Menander

    • Culture makes all men gentle.
    • He who labors diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labor.
    • Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado.
    • The character of a man is known from his conversations.
    • The sword the body wounds, sharp words the mind.
    • Riches cover a multitude of woes.
      Lady of Andros
    • The man who runs may fight again.
      Monostikoi (Single Lines)
    • Whom the gods love dies young.
      The Double Deceiver
    • Deus ex machina [A god from the machine]
      The Woman Possessed with a Divinity
    • I call a fig a fig, a spade a spade.
      Unidentified fragment
    • It is not white hair that engenders wisdom.
      Unidentified fragment
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