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    Henri-Fraric Amiel quotes
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    "Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living."

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    Henri-Fraric Amiel Quotes

    Quotes by Henri-Fraric Amiel

    • ...happiness gives us the energy which is the basis of health.
    • All appears to change when we change.
    • An error is the more dangerous the more truth it contains.
    • Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves.
    • Great men are true men, the men in whom nature has succeeded. They are not extraordinary - they are in the true order. It is the other species of men who are not what they ought to be.
    • Hope is only the love of life.
    • Learn to limit yourself, to content yourself with some definite thing, and some definite work; dare to be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not and to believe in your own individuality.
    • Liberty, equality - bad principles! The only true principle for humanity is justice; and justice to the feeble is protection and kindness.
    • The man who insists on seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides.
    • The test of every religious, political, or educational system is the man that it forms.
    • Truth is the secret of eloquence and of virtue, the basis of moral authority; it is the highest summit of art and life.
    • Work while you have the light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.
    • You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is contained in one phrase: make use of suffering.
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