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    Niccolo Machiavelli quotes
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    Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes

    Italian dramatist, historian, & philosopher
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    Quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli

    • He who blinded by ambition, raises himself to a position whence he cannot mount higher, must thereafter fall with the greatest loss.
    • If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.
    • War cannot be avoided; it can only be postponed to the other's advantage.
    • Whoever desires to found a state and give it laws, must start with assuming that all men are bad and ever ready to display their vicious nature, whenever they may find occasion for it.
      Discourse upon the First Ten Books of Livy
    • God creates men, but they choose each other.
      quoted in O Magazine, November 2003
    • A prince should therefore have no other aim or thought, nor take up any other thing for his study but war and it organization and discipline, for that is the only art that is necessary to one who commands.
      The Prince
    • He who has not first laid his foundations may be able with great ability to lay them afterwards, but they will be laid with trouble to the architect and danger to the building.
      The Prince
    • Men judge generally more by the eye than by the hand, for everyone can see and few can feel. Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are.
      The Prince
    • Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved.
      The Prince
    • There are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, and the third is useless.
      The Prince
    • There is no other way of guarding oneself against flattery than by letting men understand that they will not offend you by speaking the truth; but when everyone can tell you the truth, you lose their respect.
      The Prince
    • When neither their property nor their honor is touched, the marjority of men live content.
      The Prince
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