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    "Facing a mirror you see merely your own countenance; facing your child you finally understand how everyone else has seen you."

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    on July 03, 2012
    Usually, I like flawed characters but in this book, I think all the characters are cross! "Cross" is what Emily Bronte used for the word "ill-natured". I'm not a fan of revenge as I always think nothing good can come out of it. It is like letting hatred consume you and makes your world smaller. By letting the wrath take over, you will find yourself worthlessly chasing and hating someone while he/she is living his/her life wonderfully. Another thing is that when you like, or love even, someone, I think it is very very dunce of you if you marry another person to revenge just the hell of it. It is preposterous and pathetic because i) obviously you will only hurt yourself, or hurt yourself even more; ii) you will hurt an innocent someone who truly loves you; iii) it will only haunt you, and you will only feel empty. Mr. Heathcliff's life is composed of: 60% revenge, 35% Catherine, 5% others.
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