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    by Herman Melville
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    Where the wings of a sunny Dome expand
    I saw a Banner in gladsome air--
    Starry, like Berenice's Hair--
    Afloat in broadened bravery there;
    With undulating long-drawn flow,
    As rolled Brazilian billows go
    Voluminously o'er the Line.
    The Land reposed in peace below;
    The children in their glee
    Were folded to the exulting heart
    Of young Maternity.

    Later, and it streamed in fight
    When tempest mingled with the fray,
    And over the spear-point of the shaft
    I saw the ambiguous lightning play.
    Valor with Valor strove, and died:
    Fierce was Despair, and cruel was Pride;
    And the lorn Mother speechless stood,
    Pale at the fury of her brood.

    Yet later, and the silk did wind
    Her fair cold form;
    Little availed the shining shroud,
    Though ruddy in hue, to cheer or warm,
    A watcher looked upon her low, and said--
    She sleeps, but sleeps, she is not dead.
    But in that sleeps contortion showed
    The terror of the vision there--
    A silent vision unavowed,
    Revealing earth's foundation bare,
    And Gorgon in her hidden place.
    It was a thing of fear to see
    So foul a dream upon so fair a face,
    And the dreamer lying in that starry shroud.

    But from the trance she sudden broke--
    The trance, or death into promoted life;
    At her feet a shivered yoke,
    And in her aspect turned to heaven
    No trace of passion or of strife--
    A clear calm look. It spake of pain,
    But such as purifies from stain-
    Sharp pangs that never come again-
    And triumph repressed by knowledge meet,
    Power dedicate, and hope grown wise,
    And youth matured for age's seat--
    Law on her brow and empire in her eyes.
    So she, with graver air and lifted flag;
    While the shadow, chased by light,
    Fled along the far-drawn height,
    And left her on the crag.
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