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    A Lady of Quality

    by Frances Hodgson Burnett

    Book Description

    A LADY OF QUALITY Being a most curious, hitherto unknown history, as related by Mr. Isaac Bickerstaff but not presented to the World of Fashion through the pages of The Tatler and now for the first time written down BY FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT New York CHARLES SCRIBNERS SONS 1896 Copyright, 1896, by Charles Scribners Sons TROW DIRECTORY PttlNTINQ AND BOOKBINDING COMPANY HEW YORK Were Stature just to Man from Ms first hour, be need not ask for Mercy then tis for us the toys of feature to be both just and merciful, for so only can the wrongs she does be undone. CONTENTS CHAPTER I PAGE The Twenty - fourth Day of November in the Year 1685, CHAPTER II In which Sir Jeoffry Encounters his Offspring, . 12 CHAPTER III Wherein Sir Jeoffry s Boon Companions Drink a Toast, 27 CHAPTER iy Lord Twemlows Chaplain Visits his Patrons Kins man, and Mistress Clorinda Shines on her Birthday Night, 41 viii CONTENTS CHAPTER. V PAGE Not I she said. There thou mayest trust me. I would not be found out . . . - 57 CHAPTER. VI Relating How Mistress Anne Discovered a Minia ture, 72 CHAPTER VII Twas tie Face of Sir Join Oxon the Moon Shone Upon, 89 CHAPTER ym Two Meet in the Deserted Rose-garden, and the Old Earl of Dunstanwolde is Made a Happy Man, 103 CHAPTER IX 1 give to him the thing he craves with all his soul myself 125 CONTENTS ix CHAPTER X PAGE Yes I have marked him ..... 144 CHAPTER XI Wherein a Noble Life Comes to an End, . . 156 CHAPTER XII Which Treats of the Obsequies of my Lord of Dun stanwolde, of Us Ladys Widowhood, and of Tier Return to Town, ..... 168 CHAPTER XIII Wherein a Deadly War Begins, . . . 779 CHAPTER XIV Containing the History of the Breaking of the Horse Devil, and Relates tie Returningof Us Grace of Osmonde from France, . . . 198 CHAPTER XV In which Sir John Oocon Finds Again a Trophy he had Lost, ., , , , x CONTENTS CHAPTER XVI PAGE Dealing with that which was Done in the Panelled Parlor, 2 43 CHAPTER. XVII Wherein his Grace of Osmondes Courier Arrives from France, 256 CHAPTER XVIII My Lady Dunstanwolde Sits Late Alone and Writes, 274 CHAPTER XIX A Piteous Story is Told, and the Old Cellars W ailed In, 282 CHAPTER XX A Noble Marriage, 299 CHAPTER XXI An Heir is Born, 310 CONTENTS xi CHAPTER XXII PAGE Mother Anne, 326 CHAPTER XXIII In One who will do justice, and demands that it shall be done to each thing He has made, by each who bears His image, . . . 3 CHAPTER XXIV The Doves Sat upon the Window-ledge and lowly Cooed and Cooed, 346

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