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    The Imp of the Perverse
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    The Imp of the Perverse

    by Edgar Allan Poe

    Book Description

    A man stands on the edge of a cliff, knowing it will be suicide to jump off, yet he wonders what it would be like. Like reading? Check out this series. SHADES OF GRAY SERIES 1. Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness (Kindle B0026Q8044 or for Mobipocket 2.0 Version SHADES OF GRAY BOOK ONE 2. From Moscow, With Love (Kindle B001MSI2WC or Mobipocket 0979857511 ) 3. Cerberus Versus Pandora (Kindle B001MSI2WM or Mobipocket 097985752X ) 4. Sisters (Kindle B001MSI2WW or Mobipocket 0979857538 ) 5. Night of the Twilight- the Chimera Strain *Sneak Peek* (*1st of zombie Twilight Quadrilogy) (Kindle B001MQCADQ or Mobipocket 0979857546 )- Full Version Coming Soon 06/2009 6. Dawn of the Twilight- Outbreak (*2nd of zombie Twilight Quadrilogy) -COMING SOON 12/2009 7. Day of the Twilight- Patient Zero (*3rd of zombie Twilight Quadrilogy) -COMING SOON 8. Land of the Twilight- Closing of Days (*4th of zombie Twilight Quadrilogy) -COMING SOON 9. Rise of the Gorgons -COMING SOON

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