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    The Deserted House

    by Lord Alfred Tennyson
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    Life and Thought have gone away
    Side by side,
    Leaving door and windows wide.
    Careless tenants they!

    All within is dark as night:
    In the windows is no light;
    And no murmur at the door,
    So frequent on its hinge before.

    Close the door; the shutters close;
    Or through the windows we shall see
    The nakedness and vacancy
    Of the dark deserted house.

    Come away: no more of mirth
    Is here or merry-making sound.
    The house was builded of the earth,
    And shall fall again to ground.

    Come away: for Life and Thought
    Here no longer dwell;
    But in a city glorious -
    A great and distant city -have bought
    A mansion incorruptible.
    Would they could have stayed with us!
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