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    The Dolls

    by William Butler Yeats
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    A DOLL in the doll-makers house
    Looks at the cradle and balls:
    That is an insult to us.
    But the oldest of all the dolls
    Who had seen, being kept for show,
    Generations of his sort,
    Out-screams the whole shelf: Although
    There's not a man can report
    Evil of this place,
    The man and the woman bring
    Hither to our disgrace,
    A noisy and filthy thing.
    Hearing him groan and stretch
    The doll-maker¹s wife is aware
    Her husband has heard the wretch,
    And crouched by the arm of his chair,
    She murmurs into his ear,
    Head upon shoulder leant:
    My dear, my dear, oh dear,
    It was an accident.
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