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    R. Holmes & Co.

    by John Kendrick Bangs

    Book Description


    Petty larceny, that is.

    It's in his blood you, see. His name is Raffles Holmes. His grandfather is none other than the Victorian gentleman criminal A.J. Raffles. His father? None other than Sherlock Holmes.

    Half of him wants to rob the rich blind. Half of him wants to solve mysteries.

    And all of him wants to make money, by selling his misadventures to the reading public with a writer named Jenkins.

    Result: Hilarious stories.

    Stories like "Adventure of the Missing Pendants" -- in which R. Holmes uses nefarious methods and deductive reasoning to restore purloined jewelry.

    "Adventure of the Brass Check" -- In which Raffle Holmes brings along Jenkins to help him with the temptation of stealing a priceless rope of pearls.

    "Adventure of a Hired Burglar" -- in which a robbery is committed for highly noble purposes.

    "The Redemption of Young Billington Rand" -- in which Raffles Holmes saves a man from himself by robbing him like a highwayman.

    Stories bound not only to satisfy detective your story needs -- but tickle your funny bone.

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