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    by Anne Bronte
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    Published in the 1846 collection Poems By Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell under Anne's nom de plume 'Acton Bell'.

    What though the Sun had left my sky;
    To save me from despair
    The blessed Moon arose on high,
    And shone serenely there.

    I watched her, with a tearful gaze,
    Rise slowly o'er the hill,
    While through the dim horizon's haze
    Her light gleamed faint and chill.

    I thought such wan and lifeless beams
    Could ne'er my heart repay
    For the bright sun's most transient gleams
    That cheered me through the day:

    But, as above that mist's control
    She rose, and brighter shone,
    I felt her light upon my soul;
    But now--that light is gone!

    Thick vapours snatched her from my sight,
    And I was darkling left,
    All in the cold and gloomy night,
    Of light and hope bereft:

    Until, methought, a little star
    Shone forth with trembling ray,
    To cheer me with its light afar--
    But that, too, passed away.

    Anon, an earthly meteor blazed
    The gloomy darkness through;
    I smiled, yet trembled while I gazed--
    But that soon vanished too!

    And darker, drearier fell the night
    Upon my spirit then;--
    But what is that faint struggling light?
    Is it the Moon again?

    Kind Heaven! increase that silvery gleam
    And bid these clouds depart,
    And let her soft celestial beam
    Restore my fainting heart!
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