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    If This Be All

    by Anne Bronte
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    Published in the 1846 collection Poems By Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell under Anne's nom de plume 'Acton Bell'.

    O God! if this indeed be all
    That Life can show to me;
    If on my aching brow may fall
    No freshening dew from Thee;

    If with no brighter light than this
    The lamp of hope may glow,
    And I may only dream of bliss,
    And wake to weary woe;

    If friendship's solace must decay,
    When other joys are gone,
    And love must keep so far away,
    While I go wandering on,--

    Wandering and toiling without gain,
    The slave of others' will,
    With constant care, and frequent pain,
    Despised, forgotten still;

    Grieving to look on vice and sin,
    Yet powerless to quell
    The silent current from within,
    The outward torrent's swell

    While all the good I would impart,
    The feelings I would share,
    Are driven backward to my heart,
    And turned to wormwood there;

    If clouds must EVER keep from sight
    The glories of the Sun,
    And I must suffer Winter's blight,
    Ere Summer is begun;

    If Life must be so full of care,
    Then call me soon to thee;
    Or give me strength enough to bear
    My load of misery.
    If you're writing a If This Be All essay and need some advice, post your Anne Bronte essay question on our Facebook page where fellow bookworms are always glad to help!

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