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    Past Days

    by Anne Bronte
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    Published in the 1846 collection Poems By Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell under Anne's nom de plume 'Acton Bell'.

    'Tis strange to think there WAS a time
    When mirth was not an empty name,
    When laughter really cheered the heart,
    And frequent smiles unbidden came,
    And tears of grief would only flow
    In sympathy for others' woe;

    When speech expressed the inward thought,
    And heart to kindred heart was bare,
    And summer days were far too short
    For all the pleasures crowded there;
    And silence, solitude, and rest,
    Now welcome to the weary breast--

    Were all unprized, uncourted then--
    And all the joy one spirit showed,
    The other deeply felt again;
    And friendship like a river flowed,
    Constant and strong its silent course,
    For nought withstood its gentle force:

    When night, the holy time of peace,
    Was dreaded as the parting hour;
    When speech and mirth at once must cease,
    And silence must resume her power;
    Though ever free from pains and woes,
    She only brought us calm repose.

    And when the blessed dawn again
    Brought daylight to the blushing skies,
    We woke, and not RELUCTANT then,
    To joyless LABOUR did we rise;
    But full of hope, and glad and gay,
    We welcomed the returning day.
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