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    The Gallant Weaver

    by Robert Burns
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    Tune--"_The Weavers' March._"

    [Sent by the poet to the Museum. Neither tradition nor criticism has
    noticed it, but the song is popular among the looms, in the west of


    Where Cart rins rowin to the sea,
    By mony a flow'r and spreading tree,
    There lives a lad, the lad for me,
    He is a gallant weaver.
    Oh, I had wooers aught or nine,
    They gied me rings and ribbons fine;
    And I was fear'd my heart would tine,
    And I gied it to the weaver.


    My daddie sign'd my tocher-band,
    To gie the lad that has the land;
    But to my heart I'll add my hand,
    And gie it to the weaver.
    While birds rejoice in leafy bowers;
    While bees delight in op'ning flowers;
    While corn grows green in simmer showers,
    I'll love my gallant weaver.
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