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    The Highland Laddie

    by Robert Burns
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    Tune--_"If thou'lt play me fair play."_

    [A long and wearisome ditty, called "The Highland Lad and Lowland
    Lassie," which Burns compressed into these stanzas, for Johnson's


    The bonniest lad that e'er I saw,
    Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie,
    Wore a plaid, and was fu' braw,
    Bonnie Highland laddie.
    On his head a bonnet blue,
    Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie;
    His royal heart was firm and true,
    Bonnie Highland laddie.


    Trumpets sound, and cannons roar,
    Bonnie lassie; Lowland lassie;
    And a' the hills wi' echoes roar,
    Bonnie Lowland lassie.
    Glory, honour, now invite,
    Bonnie lassie, Lowland lassie,
    For freedom and my king to fight,
    Bonnie Lowland lassie.


    The sun a backward course shall take,
    Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie,
    Ere aught thy manly courage shake,
    Bonnie Highland laddie.
    Go, for yourself procure renown,
    Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie;
    And for your lawful king, his crown,
    Bonnie Highland laddie.
    If you're writing a The Highland Laddie essay and need some advice, post your Robert Burns essay question on our Facebook page where fellow bookworms are always glad to help!

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