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    A Game of Fives

    by Lewis Carroll
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    Five little girls, of Five, Four, Three, Two, One:
    Rolling on the hearthrug, full of tricks and fun.

    Five rosy girls, in years from Ten to Six:
    Sitting down to lessons--no more time for tricks.

    Five growing girls, from Fifteen to Eleven:
    Music, Drawing, Languages, and food enough for seven!

    Five winsome girls, from Twenty to Sixteen:
    Each young man that calls, I say "Now tell me which you MEAN!"

    Five dashing girls, the youngest Twenty-one:
    But, if nobody proposes, what is there to be done?

    Five showy girls--but Thirty is an age
    When girls may be ENGAGING, but they somehow don't ENGAGE.

    Five dressy girls, of Thirty-one or more:
    So gracious to the shy young men they snubbed so much before!

    * * * *

    Five passe girls--Their age? Well, never mind!
    We jog along together, like the rest of human kind:
    But the quondam "careless bachelor" begins to think he knows
    The answer to that ancient problem "how the money goes"!
    If you're writing a A Game of Fives essay and need some advice, post your Lewis Carroll essay question on our Facebook page where fellow bookworms are always glad to help!

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