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    Love for Love

    by William Congreve
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    • Category: Plays

    Book Description

    More successful in its day than The Way of the World, which is now
    accounted Congreve's best play, Love for Love (1695) is a comical farce
    manifesting the verbal polish and the theatrical wit that audiences so
    enjoy in Congreve. Valentine, Sir Sampson's dissolute eldest son, finds
    himself at a standstill; the only way out of his financial difficulties
    is to give in to his father's pressure to renounce his right of
    inheritance. While this suggestion immediately increases the chances of
    his bluff younger brother Ben on the marriage mart, Valentine's own
    chances with his beloved Angelica would proportionally decrease. To
    avoid having to sign the renunciation Valentine puts on an 'antic
    disposition' and pretends to be mad. Angelica, seeing through him,
    provokes him back into sanity by pretending to agree to marry his
    father. Valentine recovers, the lovers reunite, and Ben, too, has
    meanwhile found the girl of his heart

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