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    Mr. Isaacs

    by F. Marion Crawford

    Book Description

    Mr. Isaacs; A Tale Of Modern india . IN spite of Jean-Jacques and his school, men are not everywhere born free, ally more than they are everywhere in chains, unless these be of their own individual making. Especially in countries where excessive liberty or excessive tyranny favours the growth of that class most usually designated as adventurers, it is true that man, by his ovn dominant will, or by a still more potent servility, may rise to any grade of eleation as by the absence of these qualities he may fall to any depth in the social scale. Wherever freedom degenerates into license, the ruthless predatory instinct of certain bold and unscrupulous persons may, and almost certainly will, place at their disposal the goods, the honours, and the preferment justly the due of others and in those more numerous and certainly more unhappy countries, where the rule of the tyrant is substituted for the law of God, the unwearying flatterer, patient under blows and abstemious under high-feeding, will assuredly make his way to power. Without doubt the Eastern portion of the world, where an hereditary, or at least traditional, despotiam has never ceased since the earliest social records, and where a mode of thought infmitely more degrading than any feudalism has become ingrained in the blood and soul of the chief races, presents far more favourable conditions to the growth and development of the true adventurer than are offered in any free country. For in a free country the majority can rise and over- throm the favourite of fortune, whereas in a despotic country they cannot. Of Eastern countlies in this condifion, Russia is the nearest to us though perhaps we understand the Chinese character betterthan the Russian. The Ottoman empire and Persia are, and always have been, swayed by a clever band of fighters acting through their nominal master while India, under the kindly British rule, is a perfect ill stance of a ruthless military despotism, where neither blood nor stratagem have been spared in exacting the uttermost farthing from the miserable serfs they are nothing else and in robbing and defrauding the rich of their just and lawful possessions. All these countries teem with stories of adventurers risen from the ranks to the command of armies, of itinerant merchants, wedded to princesses, of hardy sailors promoted to admiralties, of half educated younger sons of English peers dying in the undisputed possession of ill-gotten millions.

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