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    With the Allies

    by Richard Harding Davis

    Book Description

    Richard Davis was a turn of the century reporter known for his romance novels, plays and short stories. His years of experience as a war correspondent influenced much of his writing. His most noted works were Gallegher and Other Stories (1891), Van Bibber and Others (1892), and Ransons Folly (1902). In With the Allies Davis says that this was not a war against the Germans, but a war against the military aristocracy of Germany. Harding speaks of the lack of knowledge in the United States about the war. He blames censorship and the lack of understanding of the massive scale of the war. Harding believes that America had to take part in the action, because the flight in Europe was not a fair fight. The Table of Contents includes The Germans In Brussels, To Be Treated As A Spy, The Burning Of Louvain, Paris In War Time, The Battle Of Soissons, The Bombardment Of Rheims, The Spirit Of The English, Our Diplomats In The War Zone, Under Fire, The Waste Of War, and The War Correspondents.

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