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    Two Lovers

    by George Eliot
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    Two lovers by a moss-grown spring:
    They leaned soft cheeks together there,
    Mingled the dark and sunny hair,
    And heard the wooing thrushes sing.
    O budding time!
    O love's blest prime!

    Two wedded from the portal stept:
    The bells made happy carolings,
    The air was soft as fanning wings,
    White petals on the pathway slept.
    O pure-eyed bride!
    O tender pride!

    Two faces o'er a cradle bent:
    Two hands above the head were locked:
    These pressed each other while they rocked,
    Those watched a life that love had sent.
    O solemn hour!
    O hidden power!

    Two parents by the evening fire:
    The red light fell about their knees
    On heads that rose by slow degrees
    Like buds upon the lily spire.
    O patient life!
    O tender strife!

    The two still sat together there,
    The red light shone about their knees;
    But all the heads by slow degrees
    Had gone and left that lonely pair.
    O voyage fast!
    O vanished past!

    The red light shone upon the floor
    And made the space between them wide;
    They drew their chairs up side by side,
    Their pale cheeks joined, and said, "Once more!"
    O memories!
    O past that is!
    If you're writing a Two Lovers essay and need some advice, post your George Eliot essay question on our Facebook page where fellow bookworms are always glad to help!

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