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    Child Life In Town And Country
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    Child Life In Town And Country

    by Anatole France

    Book Description

    THE MERRIE TALES OF JACQUES TOURNEBROCHE AND CHILD LIFE IN TOWN AND COUNTRY lr AislATOLE FE. Al a C A TRANSLATION BY, - X ALFRED ALLINSON LONDON JOHN LANE, THE BODLKY HKA25 NEW YORK DODD, MEAD AND COMPANY MCMXXV Copyright, igog, by DODD, MEAD AND COMPANY. CONTENTS THE MERRIE TALES OF JACQUES TOURNEBROCHE PAGE OLIVIER s BRAG 9 THE MIRACLE OF THE MAGPIE .... 27 BROTHER JOCONDE 55 FIVE FAIR LADIES OF PICARDY, OF POITOU, OF TOURAINE, OF LYONS, AND OF PARIS 83 A GOOD LESSON WELL LEARNT .... 91 SATANS TONGUE-PIE 105 CONCERNING AN HORRIBLE PICTURE . . . 109 MADEMOISELLE DE DOUCINES NEW YEARS PRESENT 117 MADEMOISELLE ROXANE 129 CHILD LIFE IN TOWN AND COUNTRY FANCHON 159 THE FANCY-DRESS BALL 172 THE SCHOOL ., 175 MARIE 179 THE PANDEAN PIPES 182 ROGERS STUD 185 COURAGE 187 vi CONTENTS PAGE CATHERINES AT HOME 190 LITTLE SEA-DOGS 193 GETTING WELL 196 ACROSS THE MEADOWS 199 THE MARCH PAST 208 DEAD LEAVES 211 SUZANNE 214 FISHING 217 THE PENALTIES OF GREATNESS 220 A CHILDS DINNER PARTY 223 THE ARTIST 226 JACQUELINE AND MIRAUT 229 OLIVIERS BRAG OLIVIERS BRAG HE Emperor Charlemagne and his twelve peers, having taken the palmers staff at Saint-Denis, made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. They prostrated themselves be fore the tomb of Our Lord, and sat in the thirteen chairs of the great hall wherein Jesus Christ and his Apostles met together to cele brate the blessed sacrifice of the Mass. Then they fared to Constantinople, being fain to see King Hugo, who was renowned for his magnificence. The King welcomed them in his Palace, where, beneath a golden dome, birds of ruby, wrought with a wondrous art, sat and sang in bushes of emerald. He seated the Emperor of France and the twelve Counts about a table loadedwith stags, boars, cranes, wild geese, and peacocks, served 12 MERRIE TALES in pepper. And he offered his guests, in ox horns, the wines of Greece and Asia to drink. Charlemagne and his companions quaffed all these wines in honour of the King and his daughter, the Princess Helen. After supper Hugo led them to the chamber where they were to sleep. Now this chamber was circular, and a column, springing in the midst thereof, carried the vaulted roof. Nothing could be finer to look upon. Against the walls, which were hung with gold and purple, twelve beds were ranged, while another greater than the rest stood beside the pillar. Charlemagne lay in this, and the Counts stretched themselves round about him on the others. The wine they had drunk ran hot in their veins, and their brains were afire. They could not sleep, and fell to making brags in stead, and laying of wagers, as is the way of the knights of France, each striving to outdo the other in warranting himself to do some doughty deed for to manifest his prowess The Emperor opened the game. He said Let them fetch me, a horseback and fully armed, the best knight King Hugo hath, I OLIVIERS BRAG 13 will lift my sword and bring it down upon him in such wise it shall cleave helm and hauberk, saddle and steed, and the blade shall delve a foot deep underground Guillaume d Orange spake up after the Emperor and made the second brag. I will take said he, a ball of iron sixty men can scarce lift, and hurl it so mightily against the Palace wall that it shall beat down sixty fathoms length thereof. Ogier, the Dane, spake next Ye see yon proud pillar which bears up the vault. To-morrow will I tear it down and break it like a straw. After which Renaudde Montauban cried with an oath Ods life Count Ogier, whiles you overset the pillar, I will clap the dome on my shoulders and hale it down to the seashore G6rard de Rousillon it was made the fifth brag. He boasted he would uproot single-handed, in one hour, all the trees in the Royal pleasaunce. Aimer took up his parable when Gerard was done. i 4 MERRIE TALES I have a magic hat said he, made of a sea-calf s skin, which renders me invisible...

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