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    by Oliver Goldsmith
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    CHASTE are their instincts, faithful is their fire,
    No foreign beauty tempts to false desire;
    The snow-white vesture, and the glittering crown,
    The simple plumage, or the glossy down
    Prompt not their loves:-- the patriot bird pursues 5
    His well acquainted tints, and kindred hues.
    Hence through their tribes no mix'd polluted flame,
    No monster-breed to mark the groves with shame;
    But the chaste blackbird, to its partner true,
    Thinks black alone is beauty's favourite hue. 10
    The nightingale, with mutual passion blest,
    Sings to its mate, and nightly charms the nest;
    While the dark owl to court its partner flies,
    And owns its offspring in their yellow eyes.
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