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    Our Old Home

    by Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Book Description

    - c mmu HOIJGHTOn, l. tIPFLllI AHD COMPANY OUR OLD HOME BY NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE BOSTON AND NEW YORK HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN AND COMPANY gC e Kibettftte JJretftf, Cambrttje COPYRIGHT, 1863, BY NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE COPYRIGHT, 1891, BY ROSE HAWTHORNE LATHROP COPYRIGHT, 1900, BY HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN CO. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE INTRODUCTORY NOTE . . . ix DEDICATION TO A FRIEND xvii CONSULAR EXPERIENCES . . I LEAMINGTON SPA ..... 52-ABOUT WARWICK ., . . .89 RECOLLECTIONS OF A GIFTED WOMAN . . 126 LICHFIELD AND UTTOXETER . . . 173 PILGRIMAGE TO OLD BOSTON . . . 201 NEAR OXFORD ...... 24.3 SOME OF THE HAUNTS OF BURNS . . 281 A LONDON SUBURB . . . . .311 UP THE THAMES ..... 355 OUTSIDE GLIMPSES OF ENGLISH POVERTY . 406 CIVIC BANQUETS . . . . . 455 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS PAGE WARWICK. CASTLE page 91 . E. C. Peixotto Frontispiece VIGNETTE ON ENGRAVED TITLE-PAGE ST Bo-TOLPHS TOWER, OLD BOSTON page 225 LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL FROM THE WEST. . 180 SALISBURY CATHEDRAL FROM THE FIELDS . aio From a photograph by Clifton Johnson MAGDALEN COLLEGE, OXFORD, FROM THE CHERWELL 278 THE AULD BRIG o DOON, AYR .... 306 INTRODUCTORY NOTE WHEN Hawthorne was well established at The Wayside in Concord, with his books and papers about him, he turned to the seven closely written volumes of journal which he had sent home before leaving England for the Continent, and availed himself of his notes to write from month to month the papers which appeared in The Atlantic at intervals from 1860 to 1863, an d when collected into a volume, with the prefatory paper on his Consular Ex periences then first printed, took the compre hensive title, Our Old Home. Hawthorne was in a despondent mood when writing out these papers, duein part to physi cal depression, in part to his dejection over the political situation and it is fortunate that in writing he was not dependent on his memory, else it is to be feared he might have injected some of his present humor. We must re member, he said whimsically, cc that there is a good deal of intellectual ice mingled with this wine of memory. Mr. Fields, who was then editing the Atlantic cheered him with reports of the pleasure he was giving, and Hawthorne wrote

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