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    Passing of the Third Floor Back
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    Passing of the Third Floor Back

    by Jerome K. Jerome

    Book Description

    PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK Scent fH. m the Play TASSING OK TUB riiiRi IUKK PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK BY JEROME K. JEROME AUTHOR OF PAUL KBLVER, THREE MEN IN A BOAT, ETC., ETC. GROSSET DUNLAP PUBLISHERS NEW YORK COPYRIGHT, 19O4, JEK. OMJS K. T, 1O08, DOI D, MJ3LAJD SeptemtKir, 1003 CONTENTS PABBDTO OF THBS THIRD FLOOR BACK - 1 THE Prnxosorxraxis JOKE ..... 47 SOUL - TO-TTarcHrtiuAS SNYXHIRS, OB THB MlHEB OF 25ANDAM ..... 85 MRS KoxtxraR SINS HEB MERCIES . . . 120 THE Coer OF EJCNTDXTEI S .... 151 THE LOVB OF ULXUCH NBBKETDAHI 171 PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK THE neighbourhood o Bloonisbury Square towards four oclock of a No vember afternoon is not so crowded as to secure to the stranger, of appearance anything out of the common, immunity from observation. TibVs boy, scream ing at the top of his voice that she was his honey, stopped suddenly, stepped backwards on to the toes of a voluble young lady wheeling a perambulator, and remained deaf, apparently, to the somewhat personal remarks of the vol uble young lady. Not until he had reached the next corner and then more as a soliloquy than as information to the street did TibVs boy recover suf ficient interest in his own affairs to remark that he was her bee. The a PASSING OF THE voluble young lady herself, following some half-a-dozen yards behind, for got her wrongs in contemplation of the strangers back. There was this that was peculiar about the strangers back that instead of being flat it presented a decided curve. It aint a timp, and it dont look like kervitcher of the spine, 7 observed the voluble young lady to her self. Blimy if I dont believe Vs tak ing ome is washing up his back. The constable at the corner, trying toseem busy doing nothing, noticed the strangers approach with gathering in terest. Thats an odd sort of a walk of yours, young man, thought tho coai stable. You take care you dont fall down and tumble over yourself. Thought he was a young man, murmured the constable, the stranger having passed him. He had a young face right enough. The daylight was fading Tho stranger, finding it impossible to read the name of the street upon the comer house, turned back.

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