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    All Saints' Day and Other Sermons

    by Charles Kingsley

    Book Description

    Charles Kingsley was a 19th century British novelist. Kingsley became a minister before becoming a Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge. Kingsley often used his writing to champion social issues. Sermons included in this collection are All Saints' Day, The purifying hope, The Lord coming to his temple, Advent lessons, Capital punishment, Temptation, Mother's love, Good Friday, The image of the earthly and the heavenly, Easter day, Presence in absence, Ascension day, The comforter, Thou art worthy, The glory of the trinity, Love of god and man, Courage, Good days, Grace, Father and child, God is our refuge, Pride and humility, Worship, The peace of God, Sins of parents visited, Agree with thine adversary, St John the Baptist, The present recompense, The kingdom of heaven, The unchangeable Christ, Reformation lessons, Human soot, Grace and glory, Useless sacrifice, The surprise of the righteous, The Lord's Prayer, The lesson of life, Sacrifice to Caesar or to God, The unjust steward, and The rich and the poor.

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